Recession Special: Buy the New Dodos for Just $3


We just got an email that The Dodos‘ new album Time To Die — which leaked earlier this month — is available digitally (and legally!) today at Amazon MP3

for just $2.99. The physical album is still due out on September 15th; the digital version hits other retailers next week. If you prefer to listen to the music before you throw down three bones, you can head over to for a high quality stream first.

Just be warned: Visiter this is not. Back in June, singer/guitarist Meric Long told Pitchfork that the sound was going to be a little different on this album — which was recorded with Fleet Foxes/Shins/Built to Spill producer Phil Ek. More of a rock record, less acoustic.

We have a whole new element in all the new songs right now– an electric vibraphone. That’s what’s really standing out. It was something I wanted to incorporate a while ago when I heard about this company that made pick ups for vibraphones so you can actually plug it in and really fuck up the sound while retaining that organic element.

LA readers can see The Dodos live on August 8 at the Getty Museum; they’re also playing Outside Lands Festival in San Francisco on August 28. Thanks to a brief tour in Europe, New Yorkers will have to wait until later this fall to check them out.