Watch Joss Whedon Make Crazy Faces While Fighting a Monster


It was only yesterday that we posted on 10 great web series that you should be watching, but we’ve already got an addition that we’d like to make to that list of must-sees. Written By A Kid, a new web show that’s co-produced by Felicia Day of The Guild fame, is exactly what it sounds like; the storylines are all dreamed up by children. What’s more, the first episode (which was directed by Between Two Ferns‘ Daniel Strange) features Joss Whedon in a ridiculous hat doing intense battle with a giant one-eyed monster as the leader of something called the S.Q.U.A.T. Team, and Dave Foley playing a dead milkman. Click through to watch it now, and imagine a world where you were still so young and adorable that the director of one of the highest grossing movies of all time would be willing to wear funny costumes and act out your silly stories.

[via The A.V. Club]