Watch Larry David in Jerry Seinfeld’s New Web Series


What’s the deal with celebrities launching exciting online TV shows this week? Yesterday we caught Joss Whedon hamming it up in Written by a Kid, and in Wednesday’s roundup of web series you should be watching we pointed you to Tom Hanks’ dystopian Electric City. But that’s not all — last night saw the debut of Jerry Seinfeld’s new show, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. The series is exactly what the title promises, and in the premiere, Seinfeld speeds off to a restaurant in a charming 1952 VW Beetle with his Seinfeld collaborator Larry David.

It’s lots of fun to see these old pals riff together, with Seinfeld mostly marveling at the way David’s unusual mind works. “The lunch at the normal American restaurant is very problematic for me,” says the Curb Your Enthusiasm creator, sparking a lengthy discussion of his ascetic eating habits, followed by some observations about the pair’s time together on Seinfeld and the difference between smoking cigarettes and cigars. There’s even a spit-take. When David observes, “You have finally done a show about nothing,” he’s entirely right — but there’s nothing in the world wrong with that. Watch the episode here. [via Huff Post Comedy]