Video of the Day: Advertising vs. Art in Toshiba Time Sculpture


This Toshiba ad–sorry, “time sculpture”–has been floating around for a few weeks, inciting bloggers to wonder whether or not it’s a holy union of art and advertising.

Using the sick bullet-time effects immortalized by The Matrix, the video replaces Neo’s trenchoat and bullets with striped sweaters and bouncy balls, adds a Crystal Castles soundtrack, and voila–it’s an nerdy hipster’s wet dream!

But the robotic female voice at the end, musing about the re-definition of art and the way we watch it (on Toshiba screens of course!), reminds us that we’re only watching because the company lent ad agency Grey London 200 of its cameras and paid for the 20 terrabytes of footage created. Nevertheless, it’s really cool? We’ll probably keep playing it over and over, if only to keep “Air War” on in the background. [After you do the same, watch the making of video here].