Morrissey Has a Cat on His Head in PETA’s New Campaign


Frequent readers of the site know that we’re partial to this silly photo of Morrissey scowling at the camera with a cat perched on top of his head. Apparently, the controversial animal rights activists at PETA love the image too — so much, that they’re using a very similar shot to promote a new campaign about the importance of spaying and neutering your pets.

Here are a few words from Moz on the topic of overpopulation: “Despite the fact that they’re incredibly intelligent, animals unfortunately haven’t yet worked out how to slip on a rubber, which is why thousands of them are being put to sleep in overcrowded shelters and thousands more are desperately waiting to be adopted. Letting cats or dogs have litters is tantamount to shooting shelter animals in the head since it kills their chances of adoption. Please do the right thing and spay or neuter your animals.”

Click through to get a better look at the poster, which we spotted thanks to Pitchfork, and let us know in the comments if you find it as delightful as we do!