Watch a Rarely Seen 1983 Film Starring Harvey Keitel and Johnny Rotten


Have we mentioned lately how much we love Dangerous Minds? They are absolutely the best at digging up lost films and other incredible videos, and now they have outdone themselves with a little miracle of a film sure to blow the minds of all the Quentin Tarantino-worshiping punk fans out there. In 1983, during the lull between his ’70s Scorsese/Coppola period and his early-’90s revival in films like Thelma & Louise and Reservoir Dogs, Harvey Keitel made a movie called Copkiller (which was also known as The Order of Death and Corrupt and Corrupt Lieutenant). It co-starred John Lydon, three albums into his work with Public Image Ltd., as a rich, young weirdo who shows up at corrupt police officer Fred O’Connor’s (Keitel) door claiming responsibility for a rash of murders.

The fact that the film went not only straight to video but straight to discount video should give you some idea of its quality. But it’s definitely worth checking out for the novelty value alone, not to mention what we would characterize as a somewhat Withnail-esque performance from Lydon. Watch Copkiller — or whatever you want to call it — below, and visit Dangerous Minds to see the trailer and learn more about its history.