Video Proof That All 3D Movies Are the Same


If you’re a fan of original storytelling in film, the summer blockbuster season can be a bit of a downer, what with all the reboots, comic book movies, and reboots of comic book movies taking over the cineplex. Funny or Die riffs on this idea in a new video titled “Every 3D Movie Is the Same,” which features a rather impressive montage of very similar looking side-by-side shots from recent releases like The Avengers, The Amazing Spider-Man, and Battleship. As Slashfilm notes, the clip isn’t entirely accurate, as it includes a handful of films that weren’t even released in 3D, but we still think there’s a very valid point being made here (and one that we’ve previously made once or twice ourselves). It’s not that we think 3D is inherently evil, it’s just a gimmick that far too often takes the place of interesting storytelling. How about you?

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