10 Awesomely ’90s Moments from MTV’s ‘House of Style’


Have you heard the news? MTV is reviving its ’90s-tastic House of Style, the show that brought you endless “supermodel” style tips from the likes of Kate Moss, Hanson, and, of course, host Cindy Crawford. The new Cindy won’t be announced until the MTV Video Music Awards on September 6th, a month before the show’s October 9th premiere, so we’ve decided to help you get psyched by rounding up 10 incredibly ’90s moments from the show’s incredibly ’90s archives — a trove that has just recently been posted online. After the jump, enjoy some excellent fashion advice from Will Smith, Salt-N-Pepa, Spice Girls, and more.

1. Cindy Crawford hams it up with Will Smith on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air set

In this 1990 House of Style episode, we were taken inside the Banks’ house, where our realities were shattered by a tour of the tiny set. Did anyone else notice how Cindy, while doing an impression Will’s character, yells, “See ya, Mom!” before she runs up the stairs? Well, we were about to give her crap for saying “Mom” instead of “Aunt Viv,” but this segment aired on November 28th, the week after Will’s mom came to visit for Thanksgiving. Well played, Cindy Crawford. Well played.

2. Hanson accuses Cindy Crawford of accusing Hanson of looking like girls

Ah, Hanson. What would the ’90s be without your long, blond locks? In this video, you’ll learn just how many MMMbops are in “MMMbop,” but you’ll probably stop watching by that point because the littlest one will get on your ’90s nerves.

3. Jon Stewart was “the new guy at MTV,” hits on Kate Moss

Here we have Cindy Crawford taking the newest hunky ’90s MTV recruit, who just so happens to be a pre-Daily Show Jon Stewart, on a date. Bonus: Stewart makes an “I’m Too Sexy” reference while being snubbed by models.

4. Some Spice Girls teach us how to dress “spicy”

If you’re unsure of the Spice Girls’ astrological signs, this clip is for you! Also, take note — Spice Girls, as a band, may or may not still believe that Benjamin Franklin was an actor. Someone needs to check up on that.

5. Jessie Spano lets us into her closet

Remember when Elizabeth Berkley went from Bayside High to the stripper pole? It was almost as intense as that time she overdosed on caffeine. Anyway, check out that Carmen Sandiego trench coat!

6. Salt-N-Pepa show us how to dress sexy

OK — this clip is from Season 1, which was technically still in the ’80s, but let’s take a moment to admire how incredibly ’90s Salt-N-Pepa managed to be in ’89. These ladies were ahead of their time.

7. Gwen Stefani on a treadmill

The crop top. The baggy pants. The lipstick. Here we have an adorably humble Gwen Stefani in several variations of her typical ’90s uniform.

8. A grungy “model” Liv Tyler takes us shopping

In this clip, pre-acting career Liv Tyler tries on some clothes that are the total opposite of what we’d expect. Corey Mason would never wear such outfits! Enjoy as she discusses fashion and the pains of having famous parents. Hey — what happened to that accent?

9. “Puff Daddy” was still “Puff Daddy”

This video shows the man who then went by Puff Daddy chilling with some kids in a jacuzzi… on a boat. Y’know. Your usual Diddy stuff.

10. Lil’ Kim’s ’90s boob

We’ll end this video roundup with one of MTV’s greatest fashion moments of 1999 — Lil’ Kim’s outfit at the VMAs. Be sure to click that link to the left and appreciate the fact that someone at MTV took the time to turn the Diana Ross/Lil’ Kim boob jiggle into a GIF.