Help ‘Ren & Stimpy’ Creator Make a New Cartoon Starring a Familiar Character


Children of the ’90s who are now adults with raunchy, absurd senses of humor can generally thank Ren & Stimpy for turning us on to the gross and weird before we were out of elementary school. So, now that the show’s creator, John Kricfalusi, needs our help to launch a new cartoon, we figure he deserves a hand. He has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund Cans Without Labels, which stars our old Ren & Stimpy pal George Liquor — a character Kricfalusi based on his own father and describes as “an old school, manly, Republican sort of guy. He thinks today’s Republicans are wimps. He’s leathery on the outside but all mush in the center, at least with his dear ones. He believes in ‘tough love’ and lives his life according to the rules.”

Kricfalusi has already raised roughly one-third of the $110,000 he needs to complete the eight-to-ten-minute cartoon, and is offering a pretty impressive set of rewards, which range from a digital copy of the finished short for $1 to an animated Cans Without Labels cameo for $10,000. Watch a video about the project after the jump, and click here to find out more and check out some concept art, and contribute.

[via Laughing Squid]