Wanted: Sushi Bazooka


Sure, you love sushi, but have you ever tried to roll your own? We’ve done it once or twice, and while the results can be rewarding, the process can be plenty infuriating for those of us who don’t have a decade or two of experience behind the sushi bar. Luckily, there’s a wide variety of tools to help you perfect your maki technique — but none looks as nearly as fun as the Sushi Bazooka, which you can buy via Japanese distributor Strapya World. Aspiring yakuza chefs can simply load their ingredients into the rocket launcher’s barrel, clamp the two sides together, and a perfect tube of raw fish and rice shoots out the other side, ready to be wrapped in nori. Click through to get a look at the gadget that’s just risen to the top of our most-wanted list, then visit Designboom to see more photos.