The E-Reader Roundup: Can You Kill A Kindle?


Though some schools are handing out Kindles for free (only to be met with controversy from the blind community), Amazon is still in trouble for the Orwell debacle and The Free Software Foundation is petitioning them to relinquish control of e-books customers buy.

Barnes and Noble is getting into the game with free WiFi in their stores creating what they are calling “the world’s largest e-bookstore.” The software will be available for free on the iPhone, iPod touch, smart phones, computers and the Plastic Logic E-Reader, which is expected to come out later this year.

This Financial Times article has everyone wondering if the Apple tablet will kill Kindle. We doubt it; here’s why.

Samsung has, rather confusingly, changed the name of it’s e-reader from Papyrus to the SNE-50K. It hits shelves in Korea this week and is expected in the US by January.

Not to be left out of the running, there are rumors that Sony will be putting out a new version of its e-reader in the near future, possibly with a reduced price tag.

And it’s not just the hardware people who are embracing the ebook phenomenon. Harper Collins has appointed an Editorial Director of electronic publishing, the first digitally-focused executive position at the company.