Lewis Black Returns to Broadway with ‘Running on Empty’


If like us, you can’t get enough of Lewis Black’s impassioned ranting on The Daily Show (such as this recent segment on what Nutella has to do with presidential campaigning), then you’ll be happy to hear that the comedian is headed to Broadway in early October for a week-long run of his latest one-man show, Running on Empty, at the Richard Rodgers Theater.

“Smack in the middle of another election year, so what better time,” Black explained in a statement. As for his choice of location: “It’s close to my apartment, just blocks away and frankly I’m too tired to go anywhere else. These guys are exhausting me. Democrats. Republicans. The Tea Party. Just shut up. Enough is enough.” OK, then. Tickets will go on sale August 6th, so mark your calendars now. [via ArtsBeat]