Lana Del Rey, Please Put the Microphone Down and Step Away from Nirvana


Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve got some bad news for you. In fact, nothing we can say will make this easier, so we’re just going to tell it to you straight out: Lana Del Rey has covered Nirvana. And there’s video. Spin has discovered a clip of the singer performing “Heart-Shaped Box” in Sydney, Australia last night. It seems unfair to go too deep into the fan-shot footage, but we will say that she does this song pretty much the same way Marilyn Monroe sang “Happy Birthday” to JFK, and that she doesn’t really stretch her voice to hit any of Cobain’s throat-ripping notes until the very end.

Listen, we don’t want to hate you, Lana Del Rey. We just want you to stop doing stuff like this so we can all get on with our lives.