Will Arnett Responds to Amy Poehler’s ‘Smart Girls’ With His Own Webseries for Boys


We’ve already told you how much we love Smart Girls, Amy Poehler’s excellent web series that “celebrates girls who are changing the world by being themselves.” Well, not to be outdone, Will Arnett (who moonlights as Poehler’s husband, in case you hadn’t heard), has responded with his own web series, Boys Minute, wherein he gives his own brand of advice. Though Boys Minute is a good deal less earnest and more snarky-fun than Smart Girls (episode one suggests that you should always play real sports while you play video game sports), we think it’s shaping up to be a great complement. We may even get a little Pawnee Rangers/Pawnee Goddesses rivalry action. Smart Girls and Boys Minute will go up on alternate Wednesdays from here on out, and we pretty much can’t wait. Click through to watch Boys Minute #1, and let us know what you think in the comments.

[via Jezebel]