J.K. Rowling Is Building a Hogwarts-Style Treehouse in Her Backyard


If you were J.K. Rowling, what kind of treehouse would you build for your kids? A huge spanking Hogwarts-style treehouse, it seems! Or to be more precise: Rowling is erecting two 40ft high, two-story tree houses, one for each of her youngest children (ages seven and nine), in the backyard of her Edinburgh home. The treehouses, which are expected to run her around £150,000, are so large that she needed permits — but the playhouses will be built entirely with timber from sustainably managed forests. More importantly: rope bridges! Secret tunnels! Slides and walkways and trap doors! Man, we wish she was our mom. More photos (including building plans) are available over at the Daily Mail. [via Neatorama]