Film News: Halloween 2, The Dark Knight, The Lorax, and More


Despite a relatively good US run, things have turned out a bit odd for the kids flick Monsters vs Aliens. To begin with, the Dreamworks film didn’t play so well overseas, bringing in just $177.1M in foreign markets, as opposed to the studio’s Madagascar which pulled in $339.1M overseas. Equally odd is the decision to release the film on DVD on the rather inauspicious September 29, well ahead of the Christmas-time boom.

Though the director previously denied it, Rob Zombie’s tweets now have Slashfilm wondering if Michael Meyers is going to get chatty in Halloween 2. The famous killer has never uttered a word on screen, though rumors about a “boo!” that was ultimately scrapped surrounded Zombie’s first take on the film. But now Zombie has tweeted that he’s doing some work with the Michael Meyer’s actor Tyler Mane on some ADR (additional dialogue recording) which does sound suspicious…

Wolf Man with Benecio Del Toro gets it’s fourth change of release date — now set for February 2010 — which puts it almost a full year overdo. A lot of talk has circled around the many delays in the film with many pointing to reshoots as the cause. Others argue that the studio didn’t want their big budget werewolf flick going up against the Twilight series this fall, which prompted the move to February 12th, a time which has been profitable for horror films in the last few years.

Speaking of Twilight, in a strange move, Rachelle Lefevre has decided not to reprise her role in Eclipse, just when her character was poised to become the main villain. Apparently the film will begin shooting on the same day as Barney’s Version, an indie drama Lefevre is signed on for. We question whether she made the right career choice there. Bryce Dallas Howard is now set take over the role in Eclipse.

Warner Bros. has filed a $10M suit against a company that was supposed to destroy surplus The Dark Knight DVDs but sold them instead. Apparently the company sold the surplus (and/or defective) DVDs and Blu-Rays to a third party who sold them well under market price, which Warners alleges resulted in a substantial loss of revenue.

And finally, Dr. Seuss classic, The Lorax, will be coming to the big screen, targeted for author Theodor Geisel’s birthday. The script will come from the same writers who brought us the mediocre success, Horton Hears A Who. The 1971 book is often considered the darkest of the Dr. Seuss collection, centering around an entrepreneur who destroys a forest despite warnings from the titular Lorax.