The Most Bizarre Water Parks in the World


Having spotted this once-glorious Olympic venue re-imagined as a Wonka-fied water park dubbed the Happy Magic Water Cube, giving a second life to an international showpiece that had quietly fallen into disuse by bringing a fantastical variation of a day at the beach to the landlocked residents of Beijing, we couldn’t help but wonder what other wet, wacky parks exist in the world.

The original Imagineer and creator of the happiest place on Earth, Walt Disney, once said that “it’s kind of fun to do the impossible.” Surely the bizarre water parks of the world are testament to that statement. From a giant King Cobra water slide meant to mimic sliding down a snake’s slippery back to the most crowded wave pools in the world to lazy rivers in a land before time, click through to check out the strangest feats of aquatic, pleasure-seeking imaginations around the globe. Let us know in the comments which you’d like to visit, if any!

Happy Magic Water Park — Beijing, China

Image credit: CRIEnglish via Inhabitat

It’s pretty bizarre that a revered Olympic venue designed by a world-renowned architect would be turned in to a rainbow-colored water land adorned with giant suspended fake jellyfish. Whatever works, right?

Six Flags Hurricane Harbor — Jackson, New Jersey

Image credit: Theme Park Review

This giant King Cobra water slide looks pretty great, but we’re wondering, why would anyone want to experience what it might feel like to slide through the slippery innards of a giant reptile?

Seagaia Ocean Dome — Miyazaki, Japan

Image credit: SuperTightStuff

The largest indoor water park in the world boasts a sizable, faux-sandy “beach” and waves you can surf. It might be more wonderful than weird if it didn’t happen to be about half a mile from the actual beach.

Tropical Islands Resort — Krausnick, Germany

Image credit: extravaganzi; HolidayCheck

A massive indoor reproduction of a tropical paradise, complete with a white-tent camp in – wait for it – Germany.

Suoi Tien Park — Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Image Credit: Battlefield Heroes; GADLING

If Tim Burton and Dr. Seuss were to collaborate on a life-size water-themed pinball machine, it would look like this. Cool but weird.

Summerland — Tokyo, Japan

Image credit: Michael Yamashita via My Modern Met

So, obviously indoor water parks are a thing, but what’s bizarre about this one is how crowded it is. Even more bizarre is it actually looks like a lot of people are enjoying it.

Beach Park — Fortaleza, Brazil

Image credit: Gadgoz

At first glance, this probably doesn’t look that strange, but take a closer look at the slide. Dubbed the Insano, it’s the steepest water slide in the world. Apparently you can reach speeds up to 65 miles an hour riding down it. Scary weird.

Kalahari Indoor Water Park — Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin

Image credit: 10000Likes

In the grand scheme of wacky water parks, this is definitely the least bizarre of the lot, but that giant water-spewing lion of a totem pole qualifies it for a mention.

Cacheuta Water Park — Mendoza, Argentina

Image credit: Ana Lisa Alperovich via Inhabitat

This is definitely the most bizarre water park we’d like to visit. Built out of natural hot springs in the mountains of Argentina, its prehistoric vibes are entirely manufactured. There’s decidedly something slightly off about floating down a fake natural hot river in a pseudo land before time.

World Waterpark at the West Edmonton Mall — Edmonton, Canada

Image credit: Women’s World Wrestling

It’s a giant water park in a mall in Canada. Shop. Eat. Float. In Canada. Bizarre.