Seth Rogen Should Not Make Pornos for TV Too


So he’s not spending all of his time in the gym: Variety reports that Seth Rogen is behind a new porno-based comedy for Showtime with his good buddy Evan Goldberg (other new Showtime series with A-list talent include Nurse Jackie which stars Edie Falco and United States of Tara from Diablo Cody).

Overexposed Rogen is one of the last members of Judd Apatow’s “Back Pack” that we’d like to see playing a guy running a pornography shop (maybe because he looks too much like a guy running a pornography shop), so we hope this isn’t one of those projects that he plans to write and star in. Knowing that these incestuous funny guys like to keep things in the family, after the jump you’ll find our casting suggestions for him — let us know if you agree with our ranking.

1. Michael Cera – just thinking about it makes us giggle 2. Paul Rudd – if he can make a movie like Role Models bankable, he can tackle any premise 3. James Franco – it would be something light after playing Harvey Milk’s lover 4. Jason Segel – maybe they could incorporate Muppets! 5. Owen Wilson – once a Butterscotch Stallion, always a Butterscotch Stallion 6. Kirsten Wiig – we heart the poor man’s Poehler 7. Martin Starr – he had us at Freaks and Geeks 8. Bill Hader – you heard it here: Hot Rod was actually hilarious 9. Leslie Mann – Apatow’s wife always plays annoying characters, but she’s funny 10. Harold Ramis – he’s old – it would add an extra layer of creepy