Watch a Trailer for ‘Boys,’ the Judd Apatow-Approved Spoof of ‘Girls’


Oh, boys. Yes, Lena Dunham’s much-discussed HBO show Girls has inspired more parodies that we care to count, but this is probably the only one that executive producer Judd Apatow actually likes — maybe because it kind of looks like a movie he’d make. That’s right, it’s Boys, “written and directed” by Bear Blitzer (that’d be Wolf Blitzer’s son) and stars the sons of Pat Benatar, John Patrick Shanley, and Daniel Craig (not really, obviously) as they muddle their way through their 20s in Los Angeles. Some moments are just silly, but we have to say, the guy who plays the male version of Hannah kind of has her down — the self-aware whine, the floppy mannerisms, the disregard for shared living space — and there are definitely a few laugh-out-loud moments. So what do you think — would you watch this show? Check out the trailer below and let us know in the comments.

[via Gawker]