Amazing Attic Redesigns That Reinterpret the Top Floor


We tend to think of attics as dark, suffocating spaces — not unlike something out of a horror film. However, many designers have taken the doldrums out of attic living and have transformed the lofty spaces into bright and beautiful hangouts you don’t have to feel ashamed of. We spotted several attic redesigns that are contemporary, playful, and absolutely dreamy. Banish those thoughts about creepy attic spaces, and delight in heading to the top floor with us past the break.

Attic balcony windows

Heat rises, and there’s nothing worse than a sweltering room to make you miserable. This often renders attics useless in many houses, but as we recently saw on Dornob, company Fakro has found a way to solve that problem. They’ve created balcony windows for attic spaces that allow residents to open up the top floors of their homes and make them totally livable. The windows turn your pitched roof into a miniature balcony space with big rewards: all the light and air you can stand.

Attic library

It’s no secret that we’re big book lovers here, which is why we’re always trying to find new and interesting ways to display our collection of reads. We immediately fell in love with this custom attic library that boasts extra-long shelves, transforming a difficult and otherwise empty space with rows of beautiful books. If you prefer your library on the traditional side, check out designer Susan Vanden Heuvel’s reading room, below — complete with dark woods, luxurious, leather seating, and custom storage space (even in the ceiling).

Attic movie theater

This incredible attic home theater creates an old-timey feel with heavy velvet drapes, period embellishments, and cozy seating. If your attic is large enough, you can even install your own concession stand and popcorn maker. Since most attics are already wide, low, and feature minimal light, this is a perfect way to take advantage of the setting without major structural renovations. P.S. Can we just live here forever?

Attic spa

We never considered installing a spa in an attic, but it makes sense if you think about it. It’s high above the busiest rooms in a house, leaving you with plenty of privacy for a soak in the tub or to enjoy a relaxing massage. As we’ve already said, attics are often relegated to holiday decoration storage areas and not much else. The spa is a nice way to bring new life to a normally depressing room. We like the way this one considers lighting and space in its modern redesign.

Attic art and design studio

If the attic’s Amityville Horror-esque vibe feels too gloomy to get inspired, we have a solution. This art and design studio keeps things clean and streamlined by reinterpreting the angles of the attic’s normally pitched ceiling. There’s also plenty of storage space. Raw wood, wall slats, and a minimal color scheme provides visual interest, but allows the atmosphere to remain airy so your imagination can run wild.

Attic rock climbing gym

Home gym enthusiasts take note: this 12-foot-tall attic space was converted into a rock climbing lover’s paradise. It may not be the prettiest thing to look at on our list, but it certainly makes your living room weightlifting station look like a joke. The owners apparently constructed the gym before actually buying furniture, which makes us love them and this room all the more.

Retro attic bar and lounge

If you only have a tiny bit of space to let your inner Mad Man shine, try this attic bar and lounge. The custom cabinets, curvy design, 1960’s color palette, and other retro touches make it a modern man cave with a nod to the past.

Attic walk-in closet

What’s a clothes horse to do when their bedroom closet is ready to burst? Take your wardrobe to the attic and create a posh, walk-in closet. This converted attic space combines lush fabrics, luxurious seating, and decorative, mirrored wall accents that open up the area. Even though the walls are lined with clothes, there’s still plenty of room to twirl around in your finest.

Bohemian attic retreat

If you feel that inexplicable pull to hole up somewhere and dream, this bohemian-style attic retreat has your name written all over it. By opening up a wall and fitting it with wood-framed windows, the light (and breeze!) helps create the illusion of space. Exposed wood beams, a wood floor, and other natural accents reflect the outside surroundings. Obsessive fabric drapers rejoice; this is the kind of room that should feel flowing and free, so go nuts.

Attic playroom

This is the type of play space you can thank your parents for later, because their keen sense of design was spot on. Although this contemporary kid’s digs could come across as untouchable, the vibrant colors and modern twist on shelving and storage makes it feel loved and lived-in.

Minimalist attic bedroom

If you’re afraid that moving your bedroom to the attic will make you feel like an adolescent living at home, this minimalist design should inspire you to take it to the next level. Bright splashes of color and a complete overhaul of the typical attic-shaped windows and ceilings creates a stylish atmosphere.

Contemporary attic hideaway

If you prefer your furniture to look like a space-age torture device, head to this contemporary, wooden attic space where natural and bold are the words to live by. We like the floor pattern, which mimics a city street. The shape of the room is total attic realness, but the light and minimalist touches keep it from looking dank and drab.