Watch Martin Starr Audition to Play Bill Haverchuck on ‘Freaks and Geeks’


It’s safe to say that a majority of Party Down fans are also part of the Freaks and Geeks cult — which means we all remember the moment when we realized that the guy who plays arrogant nerd writer Roman DeBeers on Party Down is the same one who made us laugh out loud as sweet, meek nerd Bill Haverchuck on Freaks and Geeks. But if you ever had any doubt that Martin Starr was born to play the geekiest of the geeky, a viewing of his wonderful Freaks and Geeks audition tape is sure to vanquish it. After the jump, see the inimitable Bill come to life for the very first time, in all his adorably neurotic and misguided splendor.

[via BuzzFeed]