Bob Dylan to Shout Out Leonardo DiCaprio in New Song About the Titanic


Readers, life has given us an Onion headline, and in this post we will endeavor to make you some onion rings: Bob Dylan has a new album, Tempest, coming out September 11th. On that album is a song about the Titanic. And, as he tells Rolling Stone in a new interview that’s excerpted online, he’s not going to be a highbrow snob about it. Sure, he’s based the tune on the Carter Family’s “The Titanic,” but he’s also going to reference James Cameron’s Academy Award-winning 1997 film about the tragedy at sea — and he’s going to reference Leonardo DiCaprio! “Yeah, Leo,” Dylan told the magazine. “I don’t think the song would be the same without him. Or the movie.” In an echo of the endless movie’s length, the song will top 13 minutes. Also, “People are going to say, ‘Well, it’s not very truthful. But a songwriter doesn’t care about what’s truthful,” says Dylan. So, there you go: None of this is really news, but you still get Bob Dylan referencing Leonardo DiCaprio and a major dose of Jonah Lehrer irony in the same interview. [via American Songwriter]