35 Words That Shouldn’t Be Added to the Dictionary


Earlier this week Mental Floss posted a list of 35 words that have recently been added to the Oxford Dictionaries Online, and while it makes us feel a bit old and stuffy to admit this, we were rather horrified by the majority of the terms that made the cut. Is it really a good idea to immortalize sartorial missteps like “mankinis” and “jeggings” by putting them in the dictionary? Do we want to live in a world where abbreviations like “OMG,” “obvs,” “totes,” and “whatevs” are considered real words? Has anyone ever referred to another person as a “screenager”? Who knows, maybe we just need to “chillax.” (And speaking of “who,” why is “Whovian” just being added now? That term has been around for years!) Head over to Mental Floss to view the full list, and be sure to let us know in the comments which words stuck in your craw!