Who Wants to Play ‘The Newsroom’ Bingo?


Are you still watching Aaron Sorkin’s The Newsroom, readers? Can you update us on whether that nice, righteous, rich, white, middle-aged man has finally succeeded in getting all of those frustratingly diverse Millennials off his lawn with their Twitters and their blogs and such? All joking aside, we may finally have found a reason to give the HBO series another shot: Paste has created The Newsroom Bingo, so we and our friends can make a (drinking) game out of tracking the show’s tropes. Because it’s more fun to put a marker down (or take a sip of something strong) than to groan whenever poor Alison Pill stumbles over her words or Jeff Daniels uses an extended metaphor. Click through to see the first card in the series, then print out all four at Paste.