What’s On at Flavorpill: The Links That Made the Rounds in Our Office


Today at Flavorpill, we wished we could see the looks on a bunch of Rhode Islanders’ faces when they found out their 1979 Who concert tickets were redeemable for a 2013 show. We wanted this Irish Olympic commentator to narrate everything, forever. We wondered if this Korean song is the new “Call Me Maybe.” We wanted to make these amazing DIY speakers. We learned about the safest places for women to live and work. We found out about one woman’s crazy, real-life Newsroom experience. We loved William Shatner’s guide to the Mars rover, Curiosity. We discovered that costume designer Patricia Field got Carrie Bradshaw’s iconic tutu from a five dollar bin. We read Lena Dunham’s memories of an elusive boyfriend. We saw what happens when Breaking Bad met children’s cooking simulation game, Cooking Mama. We listened to a remix of Purity Ring’s album Shrines. We spotted a gender neutral toy store. We paid a visit to the online Museum of Endangered Sounds and never wanted to leave. We had our minds blown after comparing the cost of the Olympics vs. the cost of landing Curiosity on Mars. And finally, we were happy to see Italian prog rock at the Olympics. A pair of Russian synchronized swimmers performend to Goblins’ haunting Suspiria score.