Lena Dunham and Jon Hamm Explain ‘The New Yorker’ iPhone App


Exciting news for fans of The New Yorker: Thanks to a newly-launched app, you can now painlessly page through the magazine on your iPhone and because of tech advances with the way it handles paginated HTML, each issue will download to your phone a lot faster than the current iPad version of the mag. But wait, it gets even better! The New Yorker commissioned Lena Dunham to make a short film explaining the app and how to use it, and somehow, she roped Jon Hamm in on the project. Among the topics that they discuss in the resulting clip: the prospect of Hamm getting into Dunham’s “challenging” pants and how The New Yorker is like a horrible version of Rolling Stone. We have but one question: Will anyone in their audience who actually needs this kind of tutorial going to know who either of these guys are? Regardless, it’s pretty funny, so enjoy!

[via AllThingsD]