Watch Giancarlo Esposito in an Extended Preview of J. J. Abrams’ ‘Revolution’


At first glance, NBC’s new fall sci-fi series Revolution seems to incorporate everything a TV geek could possibly want. Produced by J. J. Abrams and featuring Giancarlo Esposito (aka Breaking Bad‘s singular villain Gus Fring), it takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where a mysterious blackout has rendered all advanced technology permanently useless. The three-minute preview, below, looks slick. And we’ve always liked Elizabeth Mitchell, who played Juliet on Lost before moving on to V and now seems destined to be known as “that actress who’s in all the sci-fi TV shows.”

And yet, this trailer worries us. Despite featuring several talented actors, the ensemble cast as a whole doesn’t seem particularly inspiring. (For one thing, it’s led by Billy Burke, best known as Bella’s dad from Twilight.) And the idea that the same phenomenon would simultaneously kill both electricity and batteries is a bit hard to swallow. Sure, Esposito is there, but the character doesn’t look particularly suited to his subtle talents — and why’s he dressed up as Laurence Fishburne in The Matrix? It’s likely we’ll give this one a shot despite all our misgivings, although we can’t help guessing Revolution will be yet another of Abrams’ half-baked attempts to recreate Lost. Watch the clip below and let us know if you agree.

[via Warming Glow]