Paper Heart Inspires Us to Ask: Do You Believe in The One?


In Paper Heart (in select theaters August 7) Charlyne Yi travels across the country filming a documentary about love because she doesn’t believe it really exists. Last week we interviewed Charlyne about her awkward encounters with kids and bikers, the thrill of winning a screenwriting award at Sundance, and her spot-on Michael Cera imitation. In the process of talking to her we started wondering: What do some of Flavorpill’s favorite musicians, filmmakers, visual artists, comedians, and designers think about the subject? Do they believe in the romantic idea of The One?

Find their responses after the jump, and leave a comment with your own take on the topic to enter for a chance to win a Paper Heart prize pack (which includes a mini-poster, a journal, and the film’s soundtrack).

There are no “perfect” matches.

I’m assuming by The One you mean that there is one special person out there for you, your one true love? If that’s the question, for me the answer is NO. I believe that there are all kinds of people out there that I could make a happy life with. Men and women. I feel that we make decisions about who our partners and friends and lovers are based on how we fit together and complement each other and that there are no “perfect” matches. I do believe that there are magical connections between individuals and that settling too soon can cause one to miss out on making these special connections. I feel that love is beautiful and vast and it would sadden me to think that there is just one person out there for me on this entire planet, and I would be consumed with worry that I had chosen the wrong person to be with. For me that’s no way to live.

– Zia McCabe is a percussionist, bassist and keyboard player with The Dandy Warhols. The band released The Dandy Warhols ARE Sound, the “Director’s Cut” of 2003’s Welcome To The Monkey House, in July 2009 on their own label, Beat The World Records. They will be touring in the US in September.

YOU are the One.

I think The One definitely exists, and you’re looking at her every time you look in the mirror. If the question is whether there is a single romantic person you are destined for in life, then my answer is no. But there are some very lovely partners, some very lovely soulmates and some very lovely romps in the sack along the way.

Mandy Stadtmiller is a New York-based writer and comedian. Look for her byline regularly in the New York Post.

Dahl + Dane = True Love Always

We launched Dahl & Dane last September with a limited-run of custom “I (heart)” t-shirts and tote bags. While taking a break from the “I (heart)” series we began designing our first clothing line together of t-shirts, bags, and dresses for him and her due to launch this fall. Our relationship is the basis of this collaboration; one, to do a creative project together, and two, to outfit ourselves in thoughtful, customized attire to complement our lifestyles.

Alison Kelly — who you might remember from Project Runway — is the designer of Dahl by Alison Kelly. Dane Risch is a member of Brooklyn band Salt and Samovar.

Photo credit: Ella Manor

There are many “The Ones” in the universe.

Is there such a thing as one love? That’s like asking if our planet is the only one in the universe that has life on it. While I can’t provide any factual evidence for either question I feel both are pretty obvious.

Basically my thought is this, if you can fall into a deep true love with one person then that can happen again. Once it’s happened twice then that is pretty solid evidence that either A, neither were the “one” or B, there are many “The Ones” in the universe.

And of course I also think the chances of another planet somewhere out there having life on it are extremely likely. I just hope that all of my other “ones” aren’t living on those planets. Unless they are watching via Hubble telescopes and are just waiting for the right moment to beam me up into their terrestrial.

Arin Crumley is preparing a new film called As The Dust Settles . He was nominated for an Independent Spirit Award for cinematography and the John Cassavetes Award for his debut feature Four Eyed Monsters , which like Paper Heart, explores the topic of modern love.

I’ll be the one…

I guess you Kotama, were lost when I met you Still there were tears in your eyes So out of trust and I knew No more than mysteries and lies

There Kotama, you were, wild and free Reachin’ out like you needed me A helping hand to make it right I am holding you Kotama, all through the night

CHORUS I’ll be the one Who will make all your sorrows undone I’ll be the light When Kotama feels like there’s nowhere to run I’ll be the one…

To hold Kotama and make sure that Kotama will be alright ‘Cause my faith is gone And I want to take you Kotama, from darkness to light

There Kotama, you were, wild and free Reachin’ out like you Kotama, needed me A helping hand to make it right I am holding you Kotama, all through the night


Kotama needs me like I need you We can share our dreams comin’ true I can show Kotama what true love means Just take my hand, baby please

I’ll be the one I’ll be the light Where Kotama can run To make it alright I’ll be the one I’ll be the light Where you Kotama, can run


I’ll be the one

I’ll be the light Where Kotama can run To make it alright I’ll be the one I’ll be the light Where Kotama can run To make it all right I’ll be the one To hold you Kotama And make sure that Kotama will be alright I’ll be the one

Kotama Bouabane is a photo-based artist (and Backstreet Boys fan) living in Montreal, Canada. He is currently in a group show called Summer Reading at the Jen Bekman Gallery and has prints available at 20×200. Upcoming shows include Whitney’s Biennial at C.R.E.A.M Projects in Brooklyn that opens at the end of August.