Wonderful Photographs of Bulldogs Dressed as People from 1905


People from a century ago — they were just like us! Sure, they may not have had the power to make their wacky animal photos go viral on Tumblr, but believe us, that wasn’t stopping them from taking those pictures. Case in point: here’s a brief series of black-and-white portraits of bulldogs dressed as people that have been cataloged by the Library of Congress. All that’s known about these images is that they were created around 1905; the photographer and any context for the photos remain mysterious. Click through to have your day made by what basically amounts to the turn-of-the-century equivalent of an (incredibly adorable) Internet meme and let us know if you agree that they all look like Winston Churchill (except for the one that looks like Ernest Hemingway).

Old Heidelberg

The Missis

An Old Sea Dog

Tommy Atkins

[via My Modern Met]