The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories


1. It was Kanye West, and not Jay-Z, who showed up at the Diesel party last night. Lykke Li performed with The Roots! [via BlackBook] 2. Famed photographer Annie Leibovitz is allegedly really broke and being forced to sell all of her art because of a $24 million loan. [via Gawker] 3. Judd Apatow has signed a three-picture writer/director deal with Universal; they’re the studio releasing Funny People. [via THR] 4. You can now hear a few track teasers from 7 Worlds Collide, the Radiohead/Wilco/Marr/Finn supergroup. [via Pitchfork] 5. The mother of Jude Law’s fourth child is 24-year-old actress Samantha Burke; an official statement says he has “been nothing but responsive and supportive.” [via TMZ]