Watch Sharon Tate’s ‘Valley of the Dolls’ Screen Test


It may not be one of the greatest films ever made, but the big-screen adaptation of Jacqueline Susann’s dishy 1966 bestseller Valley of the Dolls is a camp classic. Although part of the reason for that is a plot filled with sex, drugs, and show business, most of it can be attributed to the over-the-top direction and super-size performances of its stars: Patty Duke, Susan Hayward, and Sharon Tate. So it’s fascinating to watch Tate’s screen test for the role of Jennifer North, the beautiful but talentless actress with a chaotic personal life. Acting opposite Tony Scotti, who went on to play her husband in the movie, it’s abundantly clear why she was perfect for the part. Her Jennifer is lovely and innocent, but there’s also an unmistakable sadness in the story she tells and her surrender to Tony.

[via Dangerous Minds]