MP3 Premiere: Michael Alan’s Latest Collaboration with Ariel Pink


New York-based visual artist and musician Michael Alan — known for his uniquely complex drawings and paintings, as well as his wild yet beautiful paint and art material-splattered “living” installations — is collaborating with renowned art-rocker Ariel Pink on two new songs to soundtrack the latter performance series. Listening to the tracks, which are meant to be presented together as an operatic part A and B, the pairing seems completely natural given both Pink and Alan’s predilection for strange samples, varied vocals, and original lo-fi sound.

“Ariel is the king of lo-fi art music,” Alan explains. “It’s very hard to tell when his music was made; it becomes timeless. And within my art, I constantly play with time and hopefully, we can delete time together.” Click through to check out our exclusive premiere of part B, as well as the initial song in their collaboration.

“Michael Alan/Ariel Pink— A”

“Creative Decisions — B” (Flavorwire Premiere)

Alan plans to release his second album, Painting Life, in the near future; pre-order your copy now on his website.

Main image: Michael Alan, Black and Blue, 2011. Watercolor, ink, pen, paint, collage on black paper. Courtesy of Klemens Gasser & Tanja Grunert, Inc.