Watch the First Episode of Matthew Perry’s New Show


Alas, poor Matthew Perry. We’d argue that out of all of the former Friends, with the possible exception of David Schwimmer, he’s had the toughest time of it since the hit show wrapped back in 2004 — which is odd, because we always found him to be the most likeable member of the cast. Luckily, it looks like things could finally be turning around for good ol’ Chandler Bing. Last night, NBC aired the pilot of Perry’s new show, Go On, a comedy about a radio talk host ordered into grief counseling by his boss, in a prime, post-Olympic coverage spot. Over 16 million viewers remained tuned-in to the preview — not too shabby, given the fact that it was after 11pm on a Wednesday night. The network is currently streaming the first episode online; if you’re curious, take a peek, and let us know in the comments if you think this show will fare better than Mr. Sunshine when it officially debuts in September.

[via Pop Culture Brain]