A Simple Music Video for Jens Lekman’s New Song ‘I Know What Love Isn’t’


Nicest Guy in Indie Rock Jens Lekman has a new album due out September 4th, and we’re getting our second taste of it in a music video for the title track, “I Know What Love Isn’t.” (The first video, for “Erica America,” debuted in June.) The clip is simple — it’s just the singer and a few backing musicians performing against a white background — but the mini-symphonic song and its typically blunt, droll lyrics don’t need any embellishment. An incredibly unromantic marriage proposal, the track finds Lekman entreating a woman, “So let’s get married / I’m serious / But only for the citizenship / I’ve always liked the idea of it / A relationship that doesn’t lie about its intentions and shit.” Not exactly the stuff swoons are made on, but a welcome dose of honesty from a man whose awkward moments are consistently his most wonderful.

[via Guardian]