Flavorwire Presents: The Secret of the Backstage War at Cult Fave


EW‘s TV know-it-all Michael Ausiello posted a juicy blind item almost two weeks ago that still hasn’t been solved and it’s driving us crazy. So we’re hoping maybe you can help us crack the case before we have to break down and call one of the Hardy boys.

The gist: What series has a “work environment that’s so hostile it would make the Roseanne set at its worst seem like paradise”?

What we know: It’s a sophomore drama with a cast of crazy ego maniacs who hate each other. The lead and his love interest apparently have no chemistry. It’s a critical hit with bad ratings, and at this point a third season seems very unlikely.

Ausiello says the show that he’s talking about isn’t Pushing Daisies, Dirty Sexy Money or Eli Stone. Tell us it’s not Mad Men — we don’t want to see Bryan Batt singing Les Miz.

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