The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories


1. If you were curious what was going to happen to Jonah Lehrer’s career once the dust settled from his recent self-plagiarizing and quote fabricating scandals, it turns out that he’ll still be writing features for Wired, where he’s currently under contract. [via BuzzFeed]

2. Three plays performed last year in London’s Globe TheatreShakespeare‘s All’s Well That Ends Well and Much Ado About Nothing, as well as Christopher Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus — will be screened in movie theaters stateside beginning in October. [via EW]

3. We don’t find it surprising that Kristen Stewart won’t be involved with a Rupert Sanders-helmed Snow White and the Huntsman sequel, but we are wondering how it will focus on Chris Hemsworth‘s Hunstman character when he hasn’t even signed on to the project yet. [via Gawker]

4. In anticipation of the upcoming Blu-ray release of the Indiana Jones movies, Raiders of the Lost Ark will have a one-week run in IMAX theaters next month; according to director Steven Spielberg, the sound of the 1981 original has been enhanced, but “no special effects or other visual elements of the film were changed.” [via ArtsBeat]

5. Watch Grizzly Bear’s “StePhest Colbchella ‘012: RocktAugustFest” performances of “Yet Again,” “Two Weeks,” and “Sleeping Ute,” as well as an interview with the band that aired on last night’s episode of The Colbert Report here.

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