Is James Franco Making a Movie About Lindsay Lohan?


“What’s James Franco been up to in the past 16 hours?” you might well wonder, considering that we haven’t heard from him since yesterday. Well, apparently, he’s making a movie that has something to do with Lindsay Lohan. Yes, that sounds about right. In a casting notice posted on Actors Access, an untitled film directed by Franco seeks “James Franco types” and “Lindsay Lohan types” at ages 13, 21, 30, 45, and 60 for “a video/art project encompassing the life of two Hollywood celebrities.” So, there you have it: Franco directing five people who look like him at various ages and five who look like Lohan at various ages in what sounds like the next chapter in the actor’s ongoing dissection of fame. Or something.

We can hypothesize what to expect from there, but a few questions remain: As Oh No They Didn’t points out, it’s unclear whether either of the stars will appear in the video, and the fact that the project is casting for 30-year-old actors suggests they won’t. We’re also wondering about the extent to which Lohan is participating, considering that she and Franco are “like best friends,” joined forces for cameo appearances in 2006’s The Holiday, and were supposed to pose nude together for a sexy photo book shot by (who else?) Terry Richardson. [via Jezebel]