A Public Statue’s Adventures In Dress-Up


The town of Cardiff-by-the-Sea, California has a vandalism problem. Every so often, their $120,000, 16-foot-tall surfer statue dubbed the “Cardiff Kook” gets forcefully garlanded by the locals. Sometimes, the poor chump’s engulfed inside the mouth of a ornate, giant, papier-mâché white shark. Sometimes, he’s streamed with rolls and rolls of toilet paper. Sometimes, he’s turned into a precise recreation of Vincent Van Gogh, complete with a bottle of absinthe, a severed ear, a Post Impressionist-style painting, and his beloved familiars — crows. Yeah, they really get into it. Albeit this is mostly unauthorized, the city gives this a pass because it helps attract tourists. Check out a few of the surfer’s get-ups. Isn’t it time to break out the Pussy Riot balaclavas, Cardiff?

Image credit: Laurie/Flickr

Van Gogh!

Image credit: Dave Kennedy/Flickr

The Ten Commandments of surfing. But of course.

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A classic.

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Image credit: David Dewese/Flickr


Image credit: Chucky from SD/Flickr

Fight breast cancer.

Image credit: Chu Man Fu/Flickr


Image credit: David Huagum/Flickr

Sexy Santa.

Image credit: Brian Chernicky/Flickr

Lit with green/blue “ocean” gels.

Image credit: Flickr