Wes Anderson’s Favorite Films Aren’t Particularly Twee


Wes Anderson is kind of a Criterion Collection fanboy. Along with releasing most of the movies he’s made, the venerable distributor also stocks many of his most beloved films, and he’s sometimes so overcome by their work that he sends them a gushing letter. Now, the folks at Criterion have enlisted Anderson to round up his ten favorite Criterion releases — and his selections are fantastic. Given his equally precise aesthetic sensibility, it’s no surprise the filmmaker has rated Max Ophuls’ The Earrings of Madame de… above all the rest. What is a bit unexpected, though, is that Anderson seems to favor heavy movies like Luis Buñuel’s biting satire The Exterminating Angel and Robert Bresson’s devastating Au hasard Balthazar over cinema’s more twee moments. Fire up your Netflix queue and visit Criterion to see the entire list, with Anderson’s commentary.