Watch How Larry David Might Have Ended Last Week’s ‘Breaking Bad’


If you watched last week’s episode of Breaking Bad, you’re probably still reeling from its final seconds. And if you haven’t seen it yet — well, probably best not to read any more of this post.

So, now that we’re all up to speed, who knew that Landry from Friday Night Lights had that in him, right? (Er, come to think of it, probably none of us who actually saw all of FNL should be in any way surprised about what went down on Sunday.) In any case, whether it shocked you or not, we’re guessing you didn’t find that Breaking Bad moment particularly funny. But leave it to Larry David, that master of dark comedy, to make you crack a pained smile. One clever YouTuber has edited the episode’s last bits as though they were a parting shot from Curb Your Enthusiasm, and the result — while admittedly simple — is pretty effective. If you’re into laughing about human suffering, we strongly suggest you click through to watch the video.

[via Vulture]