10 Industrial Water Towers Converted Into Awesome, Modern Homes


There’s nothing we love more here at Flavorpill HQ than awesome homes in unusual places, so after spotting a clever water tower remodel by our favorite self-taught Tunisian designer, the great Tom Dixon, over on — of all places — Airbnb, we decided to invest some time in a little Friday afternoon self-guided Google Search tour of the emerging design trend.

From a stunning retreat in a fairytale forest complete with a rooftop winter garden to a seven-story tower that’s straight out of a James Bond movie, click through to check out remarkable industrial conversions of abandoned water towers around the world. What do you think? Could you live in a concrete cylinder?

Woning Moereels Apartments by Jo Crepain of Crepain Binst Architecture — Antwerp, Belgium

Image credit: I Love Belgium

When faced with the option to tear down the concrete structure or re-purpose the building, the Belgian municipality decided on the latter. Übertalented Jo Crepain accepted the assignment and created a stunning home with panoramic views of the surrounding forest and a winter garden on the roof. The coolest thing about this to-die-for home: the original water reservoir was left exposed on the ground floor. Perfect for a unique indoor pool party and private late-night skinny dipping.

Tank House by Brian Messana — New York, New York

Image credit: Brian Messana Architect via Remodelista

Explaining his intention, the architect stated in an interview that “the tank house was conceived as the quintessential retreat, a location for reading, listening to new music and being calm.” Quite possibly the best use of an old rusty rooftop sprinkler tank we’ve ever seen.

Water Tower Rental by Tom Dixon — London, England

Image credit: Tom Dixon via psfk

Renowned designer Tom Dixon converted an 80-year-old water tower to become a “room-in-the-sky” that you can rent for $209/ night. If you’re wanting to try water tower living on for size, this is the way to do it.

Water Tower House by Zecc Architecten — The Netherlands

Image credit: Loftenberg

This 1930s water-tower-turned-house is industrial modern perfection. We’ll take two, thank you very much. Random bonus: If you’re an avid rappeler, this home could be your practice ground.

Chateau d’Eau by Bham Design Studio — Steenokkerzeel, Belgium

Image credit: HomeDSGN

This 30m tower was originally built in 1938 and was in service until the late ’90s. The Belgians seem to be big on the water tower home trend, and instead of tearing the concrete structure down, a local architect was hired to transform the circular interior into this minimal, modern six-story residence.

Umbau Wasserturm by Madako Group — Essen, Germany

Image credit: krischerfotografie.de for Madako Architects via inhabitat

The water tower adaptation sounds like the title of a killer Charlie Kaufman screenplay, or in this case, an eco-chic living space converted from a historic building into a multi-use, eight-story building with offices and two-story apartments.

Lymm Water Tower House by Ellis Williams Architects — Cheshire, England

Image credit: Ellis Williams Architects

And the award for best modern addition to a converted, once derelict Grade II-listed octagonal water tower goes to… the Lymm Water House.

Biorama — Joachimsthal, Germany

Image credit: Andreas Meichsner via FuntasticZone

Four words: James Bond Dream Tower.

Jægersborg Water Tower by Dorte Mandrup Arkitekter ApS — Gentofte, Denmark

Image credit: Torben Eskerod via e-architect

An apartment complex with student housing made out of an abandoned water tower, complete with crystal protrusions for extra living space.

House in the Clouds by — Suffolk, England

Image credit: Martin Parr’s Nature Pics; House in the Clouds

A tipsy, top-heavy, really-cool-looking water tower turned bed and breakfast.