Watch the Chilling First Teaser for ‘American Horror Story’ Season 2


We’ve been excited for the second season of American Horror Story — which will be known as American Horror Story: Asylum — since we found out that it would feature Jessica Lange as a nun who runs an insane asylum and Chloë Sevigny as her trouble-making patient, Shelley the Nymphomaniac. But now that FX has released the first teaser for the series’ October 5th return, we’re ready to celebrate Halloween two months early. The clip below lasts only 19 seconds, and we’re not going to spoil it for you, because it’s chilling to the core. Well, OK, we’ll spoil it a little: Yes, those are body parts. Click through to watch the shortest horror movie you’ve ever seen and tell us whether you think that’s Lange in the habit.

[via TVline]