Nicki Minaj to Judge ‘American Idol’?!


The long slog towards finding new American Idol judges exhausted us weeks ago, but here’s some news worth tuning in for: Us Weekly is reporting that Nicki Minaj is in the late stages of making a deal to join the panel. Now, their sources are a pair of anonymous “insiders,” so we’ll be saving our celebration until we get some official confirmation, but who isn’t excited at the possibility of Minaj passing judgment on contestants alongside Mariah Carey? The show will be worth watching for the outfits alone!

It isn’t entirely clear who will fill the third judge’s seat; rumors are still flying that Randy Jackson will take on more of a mentoring role, possibly clearing space for Nick Jonas — and making the average age of an American Idol judge just 30 years old. The mean age of last season’s judges? Fifty-four. [via Rolling Stone]