Gallery 1988’s ‘Breaking Bad’ Tribute Exhibition


Pop culture purveyors of all things awesome Gallery 1988 launched an exciting viral campaign featuring art inspired by AMC’s Breaking Bad. Website Breaking Gifs published a run of posters over the past several weeks. The artwork concluded with a show at Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles last night, and with only two episodes left in the first half of the final season (we feel like crying about this), the timing couldn’t be better. The exhibit runs through August 26 at their Melrose location. All the posters from the viral project will be on display, along with new works, several of which we feature past the break. Although the artwork just became available for purchase online, many of them are already sold out. Hurry to the store to pick up your own Gus Fring from Carlos East and Ernesto East of The Beast Brothers, a Tortuga tortoise print by Ken Garduno, and many others. The Ken Taylor print can be purchased over here. Click through for an artful look at Heisenberg and the gang.

Breaking Bad, Ken Taylor

The Cooks, Mike Mitchell

Uncertainty Principle, Bennett Slater

Breaking Bad: The Animated Series (Non spoiler version. Spoiler version, below.), Ian Glaubinger

The Dance of Heisenberg, Matt Taylor

I Am the Danger, Aled Lewis

Gus, Carlos East and Ernesto East of The Beast Brothers

Teddy Bear, Lora Zombie

Here Lies Heisenberg, Glen Brogan

Better Call Saul, Ken Garduno