Rare Photos of Pee-wee Herman Looking Serious


Happy birthday, Paul Reubens! On this day, good ol’ Pee-wee Herman turns 60. Can you believe it? Sixty! To honor this once-in-Pee-wee’s-lifetime occasion, we should all blast this song, find one of these to stand on, and proceed to dance like this. Got it? Good. Or, if your busy grownup Monday won’t lend time for such shenanigans, go ahead and whip up some ice cream soup and watch Pee-wee’s Big Adventure (which is pretty much the best movie ever). Or, if you don’t even have time to watch Pee-wee’s Big Adventure, just click through our handy Pee-wee birthday photo gallery. After the jump, you’ll find 15 records of Pee-wee Herman looking serious. Why? Well — why not? It’s pretty rare that Pee-wee is serious, so we’ve rounded up the few strange things that apparently merit Pee-wee’s seriousness. Check ’em out, and hit the comments to tell us your Pee-wee tales. If you’re anything like this author, the man taught you how to make prank phone calls, and that’s the type of thing you will never forget.

He is serious about school picture day.

He is serious about fun.

He is serious about hunky lifeguards named Tito.

He is serious about pin theft.

He is serious about peeping on these lovebirds.

He is serious about rejecting Oprah’s flirtatious advances.

He is serious about these maracas.

He is serious about dickeys — “fake turtlenecks.”

He is serious about bikes. Dottie is serious about him. Dottie is also the voice of Tommy Pickles.

He is serious about not inviting Whoopi to his Christmas party.

He is serious about keeping you off crack rock. (Watch the amazing PSA here.)

He is serious about Batman credit cards.

He is serious about reality cooking competitions.

He is serious about embracing himself.

He is serious about brushing off criticism. How stoned is Clocky right now? Happy birthday, old friend.