Beautifully Designed Posters for Dream Concerts That Never Happened


David Bowie, Missy Elliott, and Lightning Bolt. Lady Gaga, Kraftwerk, and Neutral Milk Hotel. We imagine most music fans have spent idle hours daydreaming about the totally improbable — and sometimes even impossible — concert lineups of their dreams. But have any of us taken the time to create posters for them, as the artists, illustrators, and designers who contributed to A Famous Night have done? In eight posters billed as commemorating “the greatest gigs that never happened,” they fantasize about a night where Black Sabbath and Rage Against the Machine open for Nirvana on the moon, and Spiritualized, Broadcast, and Boards of Canada all share the stage. Even Katy Perry and Justin Bieber get their very own (albeit demonic) tribute. Check out the excellent posters below, which we spotted via The Fox Is Black, and visit A Famous Night to buy prints.

Image credit: Jack Hudson

Image credit: Tommy Perman

Image credit: Christopher David Ryan

Image credit: Johnny Ryan

Image credit: Roel Knappstein

Image credit: Paul Rafferty

Image credit: Chris Logan

Image credit: Joe Hearty