Daily Dose Pick: Matt Sesow


Painter Matt Sesow just completed the 2009 installment of his yearly project that delivers a fresh news-inspired painting every day in July.

The self-taught, DC-based artist inaugurated the “31 Days in July” project in 2003. Its fast-paced format suits Sesow, whose expressionistic portraits and symbolically rich compositions employ a raw, almost tribal sensibility and rapid, muscular technique. Dense with detail and fraught with emotion, his works combine a brazenly subversive political wit with street-influenced style.

Visit Sesow’s website, explore the “31 Days in July” online gallery, and watch time-lapse footage of the making of a previous installment.

Matt Sesow explains what he painted during January 2009

Matt Sesow describes and discusses the paintings he completed during February 2009

Fish Out of Water (with lame duck), oil/mix on stretched canvas, July 4, 2009 Inspired by Sarah Palin quitting as governor of Alaska

Minority Panda, acrylic/mix on stretched canvas, July 7, 2009 Inspired by story on 156 Uighur people killed in China after revolt

Old Dogs, New Trick, acrylic on stretched canvas, July 19, 2009 Inspired by golf picture on front page (60 year old leading tournament) and report on cost of pet care/dog picture

Sting (jab), oil on stretched canvas, July 22, 2009 Inspired by front-page story, Bernanke jabs back at Fed’s critics…

Voices in the Head, oil/mix on stretched canvas, July 5, 2009 Inspired by Statue of Liberty crown re-opening