Amazing Fan-Made Trailer for a Live-Action ‘Captain Planet’ Movie


After the news this week that John Travolta is attached to a PG-13 remake of Troma’s cult sleaze-fest The Toxic Crusader, it seems reasonable to wonder whether a different environmental superhero may be more appropriate for a Hollywood reboot. Like, how about Captain Planet? We’ve seen our share of fan-made trailers for dream film projects, and Noah Baron, Matt Kohler, and Robert Santiago’s three-minute preview for a live action Captain Planet movie is one of the best. The production values are high, the casting is strong, and the balance between knowing humor and high-octane action means it never lapses into parody. This video makes the idea of reuniting the Planeteers after a decade of inaction seem pretty damn attractive. Someone give these guys the money (and the rights) to actually make this movie.

[via The Mary Sue]