Watch HBO’s Chilling Teaser for Hitchcock and Hedren Film ‘The Girl’


Becoming Jane and Kinky Boots director Julian Jarrold will see the HBO premiere of his new work depicting the strange relationship Alfred Hitchcock had with on-screen muse, Tippi Hedren. The Girl dramatizes the experience that a young Hedren had working with the British director during The Birds and Marnie. Earlier this month, the actress and former model told press that the famed filmmaker “ruined [her] career, but he didn’t ruin [her] life.” Hitch’s controlling behavior isn’t one of cinema’s secrets, and Hedren endured his obsessive schemes for years. He kept her under contract so she couldn’t work with others, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. A teaser clip for the upcoming story, which we spotted at THR, introduces a “saga of unwanted sexual advances, harassment and blacklisting that went on behind-the-scenes.” Toby Jones takes on the role of Hitch, and Hedren — played by Sienna Miller in the new movie — found the transformation striking. “I have to say that when I first heard Toby’s [Jones] voice as Alfred Hitchcock, my body just froze,” she confessed. See Jones and Miller as one of cinema’s most famous collaborators in the video past the break. The Girl premieres on October 20.