Are the Rolling Stones Recording New Material?


Earlier this summer when the Rolling Stones celebrated the 50th anniversary of their first gig, Mick Jagger surprised plenty of people when he told reporters that the band would perform a few live gigs some time this fall. Vague, but nonetheless, exciting! Now Mick has tweeted a photo of himself looking extremely happy in a Paris recording studio, where he reportedly spent some time with the rest of the band last week. What’s unclear: whether they were working on new stuff or brushing up on older songs for the upcoming shows and/or some kind of anniversary reissue.

As Rolling Stone points out, this is at least the third time that the Stones have gathered together in the past few months, including a few days that they spent rehearsing in New York City last April. Then there’s this quote that Keith Richards gave the magazine just last month: “I’d love to get some tracks down and see what songs we’ve got. And that goes along with part of getting the band back together and getting things moving. So I’d love to cut some tracks, yeah.” Maybe we’re kidding ourselves, but we’ve got our fingers-crossed that A Bigger Bang wasn’t the final album of new material that we’ll get out of these rock legends. How about you?